Fin in a Waste of Waters

"These moments of escape are not to be despised. They come too seldom....Leaning over this parapet I see far out a waste of water. A fin turns....I note under 'F.,' therefore, 'Fin in a waste of waters.' I, who am perpetually making notes in the margin of my mind for some final statement, make this mark, waiting for some winter's evening." (from Woolf's THE WAVES)

26 September 2007


Or rather: rrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Because that has been the high-pitched whine I've been listening to all morning. Never have I lived anywhere where they were so anal about keeping up the appearance of the lawn. Every day or so is there a team of men with lawn mowers, weed-whackers (don't know if that's the official name; it's what my dad calls it, so official enough), and blowers paroling our community and disrupting the morning peace. Not only my community's & my morning, but my character's morning - ironically, I am rewriting the nursery portion, and have been laboring at the early morning (ie, quiet & peaceful) opening scene. I have headphones (to little avail), green tea, and am trying to breathe myself into the stillness of his morning....

And the whine raises a pitch.

(I'm allowed to complain sometimes, right? At least they'll in all probability be out there when I'm working on the rototiller parts - LOUD parts... But right now, I just want them to go take lunch.)


At 9:35 PM, Anonymous Holly said...

Oh yes. See, LA and the surrounding area is desert and if they don't keep at it with the watering and such, the desert will revert to it's natural state. Have you heard any water controversy yet? Much of the LA area water is brought down from northern CA. In Cambria, which is central coast, you have to get on a water list before you can build and that list is YEARS long. I find it fascinating that the idea of what we think is the perfect lawn must include grass which requires daily care when plants native to the area will thrive with almost none. Southern CA is a strange and mysterious place. :-)


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