Fin in a Waste of Waters

"These moments of escape are not to be despised. They come too seldom....Leaning over this parapet I see far out a waste of water. A fin turns....I note under 'F.,' therefore, 'Fin in a waste of waters.' I, who am perpetually making notes in the margin of my mind for some final statement, make this mark, waiting for some winter's evening." (from Woolf's THE WAVES)

25 March 2007

Questions for the Queen

Questions I've been asked to put to the Queen:

1) Say, "Hey, Lizzie!" from Jess.
2) Say, "What up, be-yatch?" from Nic.
3) Say, "Thanks for getting the fuck out of Jamaica," again, Jess.
4) Say, "Do you dance the tango?" From the dancers & More.

So, mostly I'm just scared to meet her & will likely not ask her ANYthing, let alone any of the above. Apparently, we're not allowed to wear black nor speak to her first (even if she approaches you!) nor a number of other terrifying rules...scary.

Oh yeah, did I mention I was invited to Buckingham for cocktails by the Queen & the Duke of Edinburgh? If anyone has any real questions to ask, blog me. ;) Although really, I'm just more curious to watch how she interacts with everyone...


At 2:57 AM, Anonymous Holly said...

You're boozing it up with HRH? God, your life. I never cease to be amazed. Ask her how she like the movie "Amazing Grace". We just saw it and LOVED it.

Are you coming home at all this summer?

At 7:08 PM, Blogger Tessa said...

Addition: Ivo says: "Want to make a donation to Flat 16?" OR "Hey Liz, come on, let's swing!" (The dance, or....?)


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